Division caused by too many different

is the number 1 cause of
Australia's looming social disaster
(Please be careful to not be part of the problem.)




Fellow Australians,


This will no doubt shock you, just as it stunned me.

It truly is unbelievable.


Background to the story:


Three years ago I launched a call for a Royal Commission into Islam in Australia.


It was well supported, but by not nearly enough citizens.


A LOT of 'smarties' argued with me.


ALL organisations and groups and wanna-be 'leaders' - especially Qsociety, who were supposedly leading the way against  Islam - refused to support the call.


Now, shockingly, three years later a very important person agrees that it is VITAL that the Federal Government urgently investigates Islam in Australia and gets to the (unbelievable!) truth of what is being planned.

Forget 'acts of terror' - this is monumentally worse!


No, the person is not Pauline Hanson, who - I very strongly suspect - simply copied my call for a Royal Commission without accrediting me.


Lest you find it impossible to believe that such an important, influential - and unlikely - person could be 'on side' with OzUnited, watch the 2-minute video and see for yourself:

Now you know WHY, three years ago, I asked every TRUE Australian to support our call for a Royal Commission into Islam in Australia.


In these past three years, Islamist extremism has rapidly progressed in Australia.


As the Imam warns, their population numbers are rapidly being deliberately increased.


They intend to swamp us and take control of Australia by sheer weight of numbers.


This is EXACTLY the way Mohammed commanded that muslims must overwhelm and dominate non-muslims in their own countries.


This is about the FREEDOM AND SAFETY OF AUSTRALIA'S CHILDREN, if not your own life, safety and freedom, WHICH IT VERY WELL MAY YET BE.


From personal experience, and just like that Imam, I warn:   this is EXACTLY what happened in South Africa.


It took just 20 years and resulted in the disaster now unfolding there.


Millions of white South Africans (like me) fled the murderous violence and carnage - many to Australia, but...



We have no choice but to take a stand -
or, according to inarguable Islamic law, be killed or enslaved .


The Iman has given all of us a clear warning.

There is NOTHING for Australians to 'discuss' or disagree about!
(not yours, not mine)  ..... DO NOT MATTER!


Don't  let this happen in Australia.  We still have some time, but....


We MUST take action  .. NOW.


So please, stand in support (below) of our call for a Federal Government Royal Commission into Islam in Australia ....NOW!



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By completing the form below, I am confirming my support for a nationwide call to the Australian Federal Government to urgently initiate a Royal Commission of Enquiry into the True Characteristics and Intentions of Islam within Australia:   

Thank you for supporting this vitally important call for the Australian Federal Government to immediately and thoroughly determine the truth.


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