Public Notice

Google search has been erroneously directing people to websites that are NOT associated with 'me' (i.e. I am the Peter Forde located in Brisbane, Australia, initiator of the OzUnited mission).

As a consequence, large numbers of people have become totally misinformed and have a completely mistaken impression of me.

I am NOT the "Peter Forde" [in the U.K.] associated with scientology.

I have also been abused and defamed by a wife-beating, woman-hating psychopath who is on the run from the Australian Federal Police and hiding out somewhere in Eastern Europe. (More about that matter HERE.)

It appears that this misdirecting by Google has been happening in a great majority of cases when people have searched for more information about me and my background or about OzUnited.

We are currently in communication with Google about this issue.

To read a synopsis of this matter, please click HERE.

To read the full details of this matter, please click HERE.

A detailed background and information page about me is also currently being prepared for people who wish to know more about me and OzUnited. If you are not familiar with me, my background, experience and abilities and the OzUnited mission to rescue Australia from our current path towards social disaster*, please click HERE and you will be notified when that material has been published.

*Please Note:  Anyone who does not realise that Australia is currently headed on a path to very serious social problems - literally a social disaster in the very near future - has a lot to learn. 

Such people need to NOT 'knee-jerk' disagree or argue but,  for Australia's sake, be willing to carefully consider and learn from the mountain of undeniable facts.

Subscribing (no cost) to this mission will assist such people to become more enlightened to the unhappy realities facing the Australian nation in the near future.

Most of this website has been made inaccessible to the general public and will in the future only be accessible to genuinely serious supporters of the OzUnited mission - people who are genuinely determined to rescue and protect all that was good about Australia.

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